RTU MIREA scientists have developed a mobile application for aircraft acceptanc


Scientists of MIREA – Russian Technological University have developed a mobile application for the RAPORT SB SI automated system. The mobile application will improve the system and make it possible to detect the outward defects of the aircraft. The application was implemented on the Android operating system and is currently being tested by a group of employees of the plant. In future, it can be used in the assembly and acceptance process of any complex products in the aviation and aerospace industries.

“In future, we plan to transfer all stages of aircraft assembly to the mobile version, since so far RAPORT SB SI works only on operating systems of the Windows family. Moreover, the issue of moving away from proprietary software of Western countries is now more relevant than ever, ” said Nurzia Gazanova, Deputy Director of the Engineering Center for Mobile Solutions at RTU MIREA, head of the research group.

The website of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation offers more information about the development of scientists from RTU MIREA.

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