RTU MIREA starts a series of publications about the best graduates of 2021 who proved successful in creative work and social activities


One of the most memorable days of the year is the graduation ceremony day at RTU MIREA – and it is coming very soon. In connection with this event, the University continues to tell you about our outstanding graduates. These young people are gifted with creative talent:

  • Vladislav Lezin. His talent showed fully in the "April" literary and musical collective through poetry and author's song.
  • Valeria Olkhovskaya. Valeria is a finalist of vocal competitions, laureate of the I degree of the V International scientific and practical conference.
  • Mungunsuvd Gerelt-Od. Member of the Madagascar international ensemble and the RTU MIREA Chamber Choir.
  • Alexey Sizykh. Performer of bard songs and saxophonist in three ensembles of the MIREA Non-mainstream Song Club.
  • Angelina Velikanova. Participant of numerous creative competitions, participant in intellectual games.
  • Gabriel Vatileni. Gabriel has been an outstanding member of the RTU MIREA Chamber Choir for two years.
  • Nikita Brovko. Participant in festivals of young authors and performers of original songs and member of the FRESH ensemble.
  • Sergey Molokin. Sergey has been playing beatboxing for 5 years, he is member of the BeBob team and the Jazik Project.
  • Anastasia Gritsenko. Soloist of the KNOOPS & M dance group, finalist of the Student of the Year 2019 award in the Creative Image nomination.
  • Elizaveta Morenko. A stage show artist and member of the Diamond Flow studio of fire and light.
  • Maxim Denisov. He has sports categories in ballroom dancing, and the KNOOPS & M team is a way to enjoy his hobby.
  • Andrey Arakelyan. Since schoolyears he has performed on stage, is member of the MIREA Non-mainstream Song Club ensemble, performs solo songs and composes his own music.
  • Sofia Shalyminova. A talented vocalist of the New-Polynom studio, participant in university and international competitions.
  • Julia Avvakumova. Plays the classical guitar, takes an active part in various festivals.
  • Roman Yakutin. Roman is a poetry lover, is the host and moderator of many poetical events. He is founder  of the creative and organizational unit of the Non-Mainstream Song Club.
  • Alena Penkina. Participant of the SEVEN pop vocal studio and laureate of the Student Spring competition.

More information about each of the graduates on the list above is available in the RTU MIREA Graduation 2021 group.

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