RTU MIREA starts a series of publications about the best graduates of 2021, who proved successful in science and research


We start a series of publications dedicated to the 2021 graduates of MIREA – Russian Technological University who during their studies have achieved impressive success in various fields of activity. The first publication is dedicated to the university students who devoted their spare time to science and research, the study of a specific area, and their achievements in the course of study.

Victoria Belan. Victoria is an active participant in the REC "Magnetoelectric materials and devices" project, as well as the 2nd degree diplomat, the rank received for her presentation at the 6th Scientific and technical conference of RTU MIREA students and graduate students.

Maxim Selivanov. Maxim is interested in the technology of dielectric films and nanostructures, since his 2nd year he has studied at the REC "Technological Center". In 2019, he became prizewinner at the University scientific and technical conference.

Georgy Konyashin. Georgy is fond of modern technologies in the field of wireless information transmission. He received a diploma for participation in the All-Russian technological competition Radiofest 2020.

Nikita Borzykh. Nikita is professionally engaged in scientific programming and won the 3rd place for the developments in the Internet of Things project.

Sergey Kharlamov. Sergey is fond of image reconstruction in satellite photography and the development of methods to solve Diophantine equations. Participant of a large number of All-Russian Olympiads.

Leonid Sheshukov. Leonid’s field of activity is mobile development. His most valuable awards were received for participation in EdHack, Imagine Cup and WhatTheHack which are the results of fruitful work in the RealityFamily team.

More details about each graduate are available in the of RTU MIREA Graduation group on VKontakte cite.

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