RTU MIREA students became volunteers of the action Beacons of Friendship. Victory Day is one for all!

On July 20, the international action Beacons of Friendship. Victory Day is one for all! Its participants were students of Moscow universities involved in patriotic projects.

In the coming four days, students will visit the city of Pskov, get acquainted with the Pskov Territory during the Great Patriotic War exposition of the Pskov-Izborsk United Museum-Reserve, and also study the activities of the Pskov Region administration in patriotic education of the population and the work of the Team 2018 project office. Moreover, students have already carried out a volunteer campaign to clean up the area next to the obelisk to victims of fascism in Kresty area.

The delegation members will also visit the Stalin's Line military and historical complex in the village of Kholmatka, Ostrovsky location, and get acquainted with the activities of local patriotic organizations. With the assistance of the Patriot Center, a road train will take the participants to places of military glory and to the memorial signs and the mass burial sites of soldiers who perished in the Pskov region. An excursion is planned to the monument In memory of the Battle on the Ice in the region.

The action squad will include 75 volunteers who, apart from Pskov, will visit Kaliningrad, Volgograd, Rzhev, and Nalchik.

The Beacons of Friendship. Victory Day is one for all! international action will be held in Russia for the third time. It is organized by the Federal Agency for the Nationalities Affairs of Russia, the Beacons of Friendship, Interregional Movement for Interethnic Accord, as well as the Central Union of the Russian Federation. The purpose of the event is to preserve the memory of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, enhance the traditions of the Victory Day and prevent the distortion of history.

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