RTU MIREA students become participants of international summer schools in Hungary, France and China


Seven students of the MIREA - Russian Technological University successfully passed the selection and became participants of international summer schools in Hungary, France and China. During the training the guys not only acquired new knowledge, but also met new friends, learned traditions and cultures of different countries, gained valuable experience, living in an international environment. The participants of the summer schools shared their impressions with us.

Anastasia Kuznetsova (M.V. Lomonosov Institute of Fine Chemical Technologies), TESS International Summer School of the T.I.M.E. Association (Institute CentraleSupélec, Paris):

"All students were accommodated in one-bedded rooms with all amenities. The institute is newly repaired, has fully updated equipment, which we were given the opportunity to work on for the project.

In my group there were eight people from different countries: Germany, Belgium, Sweden, China, Japan and Portugal. Every day in the summer school was unforgettable. The organization was at a high level, all the details were thought out in advance, no overlap and problems arose. The program was very interesting and informative.

During that time we saw a lot of attractions and fully acquainted with the cultural heritage of Paris. We visited the Palace of Versailles and had an excursion to the Company ElectricitedeFrance. It is the largest energy generating company in France and the world's largest operator of nuclear power plants. There we had a lecture on energy saving.

After successful defense of the final project we got the Summer School certificates.

I especially liked the fact that I had the opportunity to meet engineers from other countries, learn lots about their cultures and the culture of France, work in a team and practice English in a non-standard setting, for example, during presentations with little or no preparation. I learned a lot in those two weeks.

I can recommend the T.I.M.E. TESS Summer School to all the students of the RTU MIREA. "

Alexander Sukhov (Information Technology Institute), TESS International Summer School of the T.I.M.E. Association (Budapest University of Technology and Economics):

"A big advantage is the very structure of the T.I.M.E program: in addition to training, we visited a couple of very remarkable old cities, the Suzuki plant and many little-known, but very atmospheric places.

Our program coordinator George was simply magnificent; he became not only a teacher, but also a friend for us! Of course, the pluses also include the fact that we learned Budapest very well, brought up the English language, visited Austria and Slovakia at weekends, and just spent an incomparable time, as this is neither a beach holiday, nor studying in its strict understanding. "

Egor Stavsky (Complex Security and Special Instrument Engineering Institute), TESS International Summer School of the T.I.M.E. Association (Budapest University of Technology and Economics):

"It was a terrific trip.

On the first day we made friends with our Chinese classmates: a guy and a girl and after that we spent a lot of time together.

For two weeks we studied Urbanistics, namely sustainability - finding a balance between environmental friendliness, economy and convenience of the urban environment for its residents. During our studies we developed and defended a project to improve the existing city.

We managed to visit different places in Budapest, where an ordinary tourist could hardly get to. Moreover, we visited other cities in Hungary and went for a day to Vienna. This, of course, was one of my best trips abroad, which I will always remember. The only negative thing - it has already ended. "

Angelina Sokolova (Cybernetics Institute) TESS International Summer School of the T.I.M.E. Association (Budapest University of Technology and Economics):

"I spent 16 wonderful days in Budapest. For two weeks our campus worked on the SECAP project (Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan) for two cities: Szentendre and Esztergom, we spent one day in each of them. In Esterhorm, we were given a tour at the Suzuki car factory, we also visited the Basilica of St. Adalbert, enjoyed the city and then visited Slovakia.

The work on the project gave the practice of the English language and familiarity with such topical issues as ecology and sustainable development of small towns and their contribution to the global development system.

Thanks to the good managers, studying at the summer school made it possible to freely combine classes and sightseeing. "

Artem Volkov (Complex Security and Special Instrument Engineering Institute) International Summer School "China Discovery 2018" (Harbin Technological University):

"The summer school was just wonderful. I liked it that the lectures were conducted in English, in some cases even by teachers from America, native speakers.

The organization of the educational process was as follows: all participants in the school were divided into two groups. There were two classes a day. The schedule of the classes is the same as at our University, except for the lunch break, which lasted 1 hour and 20 minutes, so the third class started at 13:30. To study Chinese, we were divided into groups according to the level of knowledge of the language. The teachers were great!

We visited the Harbin Brewery, the University Museum, and the Sunny Island. Some guys bought return tickets for the train and visited Mount Maur Shan. Someone went to Beijing. It would be great to go to the summer school at Harbin Technological University again! "

Mikhail Grigorov (Economics and Law Institute) International Summer School "China Discovery 2018" (Harbin Technological University)

"China immediately bewitched with the atmosphere. The advanced economy and the subtleties of the eastern mentality easily get along together, and in Harbin there are also echoes of Russian history and culture.

Harbin University of Technology, also known as HIT, has turned out to be a world-class institution: the sixth in the ranking of technical universities in the world, the second in China, has nine satellites in its orbit and huge campuses. On the campus, where my training took place, there were about 40 buildings not only educational, but also pharmacies, cafes and supermarkets.

In addition to the Chinese language, students studied the history of China, its culture, traditions, peculiarities of communication with the Chinese and the subtleties of local e-commerce and the Internet. In general, the lectures were very interesting and useful.

Besides a separate Office dealing with foreign students (the head of the Office speaks Russian, which was very convenient), we were in touch with volunteer students who showed us new places in the city and always, as far as possible, helped in case any problems arose.

Extracurricular activities included several bus excursions with an English-speaking guide. Excursions, as a rule, were in the schedule instead of classes, and more than half a day the students were left to themselves, which personally helped me to learn China from many sides and feel free. "

Every student of the MIREA - Russian Technological University has an opportunity to spend a summer vocation in such an interesting and useful way. To use it, you should contact the International Relations Office (78 Vernadsky Avenue, Room A-304), where you can get detailed information about summer schools, as well as other training programs abroad.

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