RTU MIREA takes part in "City of Education" Forum


From August 30 to September 2, Moscow hosted the Moscow International Forum “City of Education”. The exhibition brought together more than 100 participants, 500 Russian and international speakers, 100,000 visitors, who mainly represented educational institutions.

During the intensive business program of the Forum, participants were given the opportunity to share their experience in the development of education, demonstrate their technologies, electronic resources, and educational equipment.

The MIREA - Russian Technological University, in addition to educational programs, presented the IT developments that are being carried out at our University. All solutions were implemented by the students, which confirms their high training level. With the help of virtual reality devices, guests of the stand could try out in practice how manual manipulators recognize finger movements, how one can literally draw a new space with hands (the solution was implemented by the freshmen of the RTU MIREA). Visitors also could immerse themselves in the worlds of mixed and augmented reality, where thanks to special software developed by the students, two different realities are intertwined.

The participation of the RTU MIREA was not limited to the poster presentation. The representatives of our University visited a round table meeting where the problems and solutions of the project "Academic Class in Moscow School" were examined, aimed at giving schoolchildren the idea of ​​conducting scientific research and acquainting them with modern interesting tasks. The topic is extremely relevant to the RTU MIREA, as the University implements a whole range of vocational guidance activities for schoolchildren (including the Engineering Class project) to help the children with the choice of their future profession and ensure the acquisition of basic skills and competences.

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