RTU MIREA team won the bronze medal at the International Olympiad in Analytical Economics


Students specializing in Statistics took the third place in the international Olympiad in Analytical Economics and Forecasting. In preparation for the competition, the mentor was Tatiana Aleksandrovna Burсeva, Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Department of Statistics.

In January – May, the Belarusian State University hosted an Olympiad in Analytical Economics and Forecasting for students of all forms of study in bachelor's, specialist's and master's programs. In the two stages of the Olympiad, MIREA –Russian Technological University was represented by the team of the 2nd year students of the master's program, future experts in Statistics (specialization – Data Analysis in Business and Economics). The team members are Svetlana Samsonova (captain), Evgenia Lyubimova, Daria Kuznetsova, and Alina Kolesnikova.

As part of the distance mode participation in the 1st round of the Olympiad, the team members had to complete three tasks: they were to study the impact of artificial intelligence technologies on the economy, to analyze the macroeconomic indicators of the EAEU member countries while basing their observations on the available open data for 2020 with the account of the impact of the global pandemic; they also were to study the issue of “soft power” resulting in the presentation about the “soft power” concept and the assessment thereof, as well as the possibilities of its application in the Republic of Belarus.

The 2nd round of the Olympiad suggested either full-time or remote participation. Team members from MIREA – Russian Technological University who advanced to the next stage participated remotely. They completed a marketing analytics case, evaluating the situation at the available levels of the operating environment using appropriate statistical and analytical tools. The students also calculated the indicators for the market and for the companies represented in the assignment, visualizing the data, and presented the results of the research conducted by the team as part of the Olympiads 1st round taken in a remote mode.

Upon the results of the jury's evaluation, the RTU MIREA “Power Rangers” team succeeded as the bronze medalist, leaving behind 11 teams from different parts of Russia, Armenia and Belarus. The first place went to a team from the Belarusian State University; the second was taken by St. Petersburg State University of Economics team.

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