RTU MIREA teams have excelled at the championship within the framework of the RuCode 2.5 Festival


The RTU MIREA teams became winners and prize-holders of the final championship in algorithmic programming within the framework of the RuCode 2.5 International Winter Festival.

The championship took place on December 6. The date was not chosen accidentally: it was exactly a week before the online semi-finals of the ICPC Programming World Championship (December 13), for that matter the overwhelming majority of the semi-finalists took part in the event. The RTU MIREA teams were no exception. The competition was timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the MIPT IT Education Development Center, one of the RuCode organizers. 

The team This name already exists (Valery Gavriliev, Viktor Volkov and Anatoly Ignatiev) reached the finish line with nine correctly solved problems and became  winners of the C/D division, taking 4th place in the standings (while the winner’s diplomas were awarded to all teams having solved nine and more tasks).

AniMates (Bulat Shamsutdinov, Kirill Petrov and Ibragim Idrisov) and XYZI Team (Ivan Protsenko, Alexey Antipin and Kirill Khokhlov) became prize-winners having solved eight and six problems respectively (8th and 37th places in the overall tournament table).

Several more RTU MIREA teams participated in the championship, but, unfortunately, did not make it to the prize zone. Among them there are the memrea team (with Igor Platov, Daniil Mezenov and Bogdan Zharkov), Fresh_meat team (with Sarmat Skaev, Maxim Lazin and Vyacheslav Barinov) and Merge IT (with Artyom Cherepanov, Nikita Grebnev and Vadim Marchenko). The students from these teams managed to solve either two or three problems correctly.

Congratulations to the participants and our best wishes of further success in future competitions!

The final standings are available here.

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