Stanislav A. Kudzh presented the RTU MIREA Development Program for the period up to 2030


S.A. Kudzh, Rector of the University, presented the development program of MIREA - Russian Technological University. Stanislav A. Kudzh spoke on September 12 at the meeting of the Commission of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation for the selection of Russian institutions of higher education to participate in the Priority-2030 strategic academic leadership program.

The key landmarks of the development program are the mission, new system-forming principles of the University's functioning and development during the period up to 2030, the target model of the University development, target characteristics and indicators formulated with the account of the challenges facing the country's higher education and RTU MIREA specifically. This is a fundamentally new role of the University in the 2030 perspective. RTU MIREA is to become a development institution ensuring the production and transfer of new knowledge and technologies, the development of new products and their introduction to the national and global markets. 

The most significant and active element of RTU MIREA transformation will be the interaction of all the stakeholders - University - business - government - society- implemented on the principles of collaboration.

Within the framework of the program, over 400 projects in various areas are planned, five of which are strategic and are focused on RTU MIREA achieving leadership positions, increasing competitiveness and winning the stakeholders’ recognition of the University as an effective participant in achieving national development goals.

The development program is based on the results already achieved, which are quite impressive and in a number of indicators are equal to those of the NRU and federal universities.

The rector's presentation was followed by  questions of the commission members about the main provisions of the program. The University team provided comprehensive answers. The University team included N.I. Prokopov, First Vice Rector, A.V. Ragutkin, Vice Rector for Innovative Development, N.B. Golovanova, Deputy First Vice Rector and D.Yu. Logunov, Deputy Director for Research of the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after Honorary Academician N.F. Gamaleya of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

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