Students of the Institute of Information Technologies took part in the Engineering Olympus Educational Forum


The students of RTU MIREA Anna Mukhina and Victoria Yegoryan took part in the Engineering Olympus Educational Forum from February 7 to 13, which was held in Sochi as part of the “I am a Professional” Olympiad with the support of Ural Federal University, Pipe Metallurgical Company and others.

Throughout the week, students attended lectures by specialists from leading Russian companies (Sberbank, YandexCloud, TMK++). The participants of the forum were able to consolidate their acquired knowledge by solving applied tasks that the employees of these organizations meet daily, and also learned what qualities an “ideal engineer” should possess, trained in public speaking, ways to deal with stress and conflict situations, and much more.

Apart from the daily assignments from the speakers, the participants had the task of creating a chatbot for the exchange rate of currencies and metals. It was necessary to provide not only a technical solution, but also to calculate the risks and effects of introducing the product into the company’s system.

Along with providing competencies and skills, the forum offered an opportunity to acquire contacts, as well as an incentive to achieve new heights in professional activities.

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