Students of the Pre-university Training Department for foreign citizens visited the Victory Museum


The Pre-university Training Department of the Institute of International Education, MIREA – Russian Technological University, in working with foreign students, pays great attention to the activities aimed at educating foreign students. Field trips, study tours, and cultural events regularly organized both full-time and online prove to be most useful.

On June 2, 2021 students of the Pre-university Training Department for foreign citizens, together with E.A. Koroleva, lecturer of the Russian language course, visited the major military history museum of Russia – the Victory Museum. This is one of the largest military history museums in the world, an all-Russian research, cultural and educational center. Today the museum is the center of patriotic education working with younger generations.

The “Victory Feat” excursion was organized for the students of the Pre-university Training Department, and the students learnt many interesting historical facts, created interactive maps on their own, and visited the library with the collection of books rescued during the siege of Leningrad. 

During the excursion, the museum guides and the University lecturers did their best to convey to the young people that patriotism, love for their Motherland, the people of the country, is the most important factor that ensures the link between generations and helps to overcome difficulties and hardships facing any nation.

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