Students of the Pre-university Training Department for Foreign Nationals watched on-line the war-films to be followed by the online discussion of the films.

As part of the events dedicated to the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Great Victory, the students of the Pre-university Training Department for Foreign Nationals of the Institute of International Education watched in an online format and discussed the film Some Old Men Are Going to Battle.

It is noteworthy that the Pre-university Training Department pays great attention to the education and enlightenment of foreign students. During their training in Russia, the students have watched several films about the Great Patriotic War, such as: They Fought for the Motherland, The Fate of a Man, The Cranes Are Flying, Officers, and The Dawns Here Are Quiet. But the film Only Old Men Are Going to Battle has become the best loved film of all.

While watching the film, the young men and women learned not only about the heroic deeds of the Soviet pilots, but also about the everyday life of the young people of the wartime generation.

At the end of the online session, the students recited war poems, spoke about the need to preserve history for future generations to prevent any possibility of such tragic events in future.

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