Taiwan delegation visited RTU MIREA with an official visit

On June 25, the RTU MIREA administration had a meeting with an official delegation of the Moscow Representative Office of the Taipei-Moscow Coordination Commission for Economic and Cultural Cooperation, with Ken Jung Yong, Head of the Representative Office and Lu Wei-Lien, Acting Director of the Department of Education of the Representative Office. Alexander Sergeevich Sigov, President of the University, and Irina Sergeevna Solunova, Deputy First ViceRector, represented RTU MIREA.

During the meeting, issues of international cooperation regarding joint projects in the field of education, science and technology were discussed. All the participants in the meeting expressed mutual interest in developing and enhancing comprehensive relations between RTU MIREA and research and educational organizations in Taiwan.

Upon the results of the meeting, the participants agreed on the necessity to develop close and mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields of science, research and education.

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