The Dow Company has become an RTU MIREA industrial partner

MIREA - Russian Technological University and the Dow Company have signed an industrial partnership agreement for future cooperation on the premises of the Altair Children's Technopark. The interaction of the partners is aimed to promote exact sciences among schoolchildren, carry out joint educational projects, and share information relating to the best practices in the field of education.

On July 23, schoolchildren, the first participants in the new Sustainable Innovations joint distance course defended their projects. The course was launched in May this year within the framework of the partner cooperation. The course is devoted to the study of the modern world global problems. In the process of study, the students were given an opportunity to develop and use their creative skills, work on innovative ideas aimed at solving problems in a wide variety of areas.

Upon the results of the course,  the students demonstrated their projects in biotechnology, green energy, preventive medicine, chemistry, and ecology.

The information about the event is published on the company's website. 

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