The IISSI held a conference together with the Chinese colleagues

On December 9, the Institute of Integrated Security and Special Instrumentation hosted the Biophysical Economics Russian scientific and technical conference. Foreign participants were also invited. The conference was organized by RTU MIREA jointly with the China Petroleum Institute (Beijing, China) and Harbin University of Engineering (China) The conference was aimed to create the floor for the participants to exchange experience and research results in the field of biophysical economics and to identify opportunities for international inter-university cooperation. Professor N.B.Golovanova, Deputy First Vice-Rector of RTU MIREA, Doctor of Economics, and Professor Feng Lian Yong of the China Petroleum Institute, Dean of the Department of Applied Economics at the Institute of Economics and Business addressed the participants with the words of welcome. The accumulated knowledge of society and natural processes development has led to the understanding that scientific studies of economic development are becoming increasingly important in direct connection with biophysical research. Economics in the modern world is becoming increasingly socially oriented. The ideas of humanism to save the Man and the Earth should become top priority. Economic growth should be transformed into harmonious development of society and each individual. It is very important to understand and implement in everyday life the paradigm of replacing wasteful (consumer) economies with lean, controlled, and programmed economic systems. This is nothing other than the creation of a biophysical economy The conference participants concluded that the areas listed below may become most promising for cooperation: - sustainable growth of the state economy combined with the analysis of the comparative efficiency of traditional and nature-like technologies; - interdependence between energy and informatization in the economic development of Russia and China; - contradictions between the growth of energy production and the noosphere, and developing proposals to stabilize the economy via the enhanced energy efficiency; - energy security and energy efficiency (EROI) issues in Russia and China - information modeling of economic processes and systems with the account of energy and environmental features in the development of the economies of Russia and China.

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