The Institute of Information Technologies held an innovative master class for participants in the International Forum of Scientific Youth "Step into the Future"


On March 25, the International Forum of Scientific Youth "Step into the Future" began working at RTU MIREA. On March 25, the University organized six master classes for schoolchildren and forum participants, including the innovative Assembling a robot dog master class organized by the Institute of Information Technologies.

The Institute staff and members of the student project group RTUITLab conducted a three-hour master class for schoolchildren on assembling models of robotic dogs from pre-manufactured components. During the master class, participants got immersed into the principles of creating and training robots and made fascinating excursions into the world of electronics and mechanics. They did not forget about the practical part either – they assembled both electronic and mechanical components of robotic dogs. As a result of the master class, a robot panda was assembled for the first time, designed quite recently, and also a version of the robot-dog, which has already become serial, was assembled. Schoolchildren received an interesting experience, useful knowledge and small gifts from the Institute of Information Technologies of RTU MIREA.

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