The Institute of Physics and Technology faculty participated in the International Design Conference, IDC 2020

The International Design Conference, IDC 2020, organized by the Society of Industrial Designers of America (IDSA), member of the World Design Organization (WDO), was held in a virtual format on September 17-18. During the event, 70 leaders of the design industry from around the world (including Denmark, England, Germany, USA, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Trinidad and Tobago) demonstrated their achievements and discussed the goals and objectives of industrial design, UX design, graphic design, service design, social impact design, and the prospects thereof.
Lecturers and instructors of the Computer Design Department of the Institute of Physics and Technology - Olga Aleksandrovna Kazachkova, Associate Professor, and Evgeny Igorevich Popov, Instructor, had an opportunity to engage in this large-scale online event held round the clock.

Designers and specialists in related fields from all over the world (over 130 countries) took part in seminars held within the framework of the conference. Interactive breakout sessions and panel discussions on the most pressing issues of today were held with the participation of prominent strategic leaders in the field of design, including representatives of Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Airbnb, and many other world-famous innovation centers.

On the eve of the conference, IDSA Annual Membership Meeting was held, where Chris Leewaude, IDSA Executive Director, spoke about the work of the Industrial Designers Association of America in 2019. He also informed the members about how the Association was tackling the unprecedented global challenges and latent opportunities of 2020. Moreover, the 2020 IDSA Awards Ceremony named the best individual and group works of both designers, producers and students.

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