The RTU MIREA e-sports team was named the best in Russia in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The e-sports team of the Alliance student sports club won the 1st place at the Second E-sports Games in the CS:GO discipline. The tournament was held from June 10 to 21, the group stage and the playoffs included.

The RTU-MIREA team got a ThunderX3 EC3 gaming chair for the victory in the tournament.

The winning roster includes Mikhail “Shocked” Khizanishvili, Ruben “RubeN” Egikyan, Igor “GreK” Shebzukhov, Maxim “Enk” Kuznetsov, Kirill “DoDzelele” Borzunov, Igor “Redgar” Vlasov, Victoria “VICTORia” Shelekhov.

Congratulations to the RTU-MIREA team members!

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