The RTU MIREA students and staff visited the Athos peninsula and Mount Athos

The students and the staff of RTU MIREA traveled for the seventh time to the Athos peninsula where they visited the Russian St. Panteleimon monastery, and seven other monasteries: the Hermitage of St. Anne, St. Paul, Vatopedian monastery, Stavronikita, Pantokrator, Philotheus and Xenophanes.

The RTU MIREA students and staff learnt about the history of Holy Mount Athos and the monastic way of life, which has remained unchanged there for hundreds of years.

The young people talked to the monks, helped the brethren in the activities of the monastery: worked in the refectory and the vegetable garden, cleaned the territory of the monastery and the temple. The group also climbed up Mount Athos which is 2,033 meters high.

Athos is a mountain and a peninsula in Greek Macedonia which is revered as a holy place for the Orthodox Christians of the whole world and has the status of an autonomous monastic state. There are 20 large monasteries and many monasteries and cells in and around the Holy Mountain

Dozens of thousands of pilgrims and tourists visit Athos during the year.

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