The Space Technologies International Conference was held at RTU MIREA


On October 26, MIREA – Russian Technological University, together with the Roscosmos State Corporation and the 46th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, held an international interdepartmental scientific and technical conference – “Space Technologies”.

The goals of the event were to unite the efforts of researchers, employees of RTU MIREA, graduate students and young scientists from different countries to promote science and technological progress in the space industry, create a platform for the exchange of knowledge and expertise, as well as promote cooperation in solving current problems in order to overcome existing challenges.

Academician A.S. Sigov, President of RTU MIREA, A.V. Bloshenko, Executive Director for Advanced Programs and Science of the Roscosmos State Corporation, and S.I. Bokov, chief researcher at the 46th Central Research Institute opened the Conference.

The event was aimed at presenting and discussing the latest achievements, innovations and technological developments in the space industry. Participants learned about the latest developments in the field of rocket and space technology, space research, satellite technology, astronomy and much more.

The conference had the following sections:

  • Radio-electronic systems and complexes for location and navigation and remote scanning of the Earth

  • Design of space equipment with a long service life

  • Radioelectronic technologies of space systems and microwave modules

  • Geographic information systems and technologies

  • Systematic issues of planning the development of space systems

The conference was attended by researchers from partner enterprises, lecturers, trainers, graduates and students. In the end of the event, the participants have expressed a desire to hold the Space Technologies conference annually.

Details about the conference can be found on the University website.

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