Welcoming address of Rector of RTU MIREA to freshmen on the occasion of the Day of Knowledge


Dear freshmen!

Welcome to RTU MIREA!

I am happy that you have become students of our University. Congratulations on your excellent choice!

The difficult entrance tests are now in the past, and you managed to cope with them successfully. Now, in the process of study and research, you, just like your older mates and colleagues, will prove your worth, and make every effort to get the knowledge and master the skills that will become the basis for your successful activities in future.

From now on, you are part of our big family in which you will spend the wonderful years of your youth. You will have experienced teachers who will help you become first-class professionals and find your place in this difficult and rapidly changing life.

Student years have always been the most interesting, exciting and memorable time. It’s not just a learning process. At the University you will find true friends who will be with you all your life, you will take your first steps in your profession, try to prove your worth in sports and social activities.

The University administration will not only try to give you an excellent education that meets all the modern standards, but will also do its best to make your education as interesting and best organized as possible. This is why the service I have an idea! was created. Here you can share your thoughts with us, submit proposals for the development of the University. We will promptly review the best initiatives and translate them into real life.

Very soon, already in October, the RTU MIREA Accelerator portal for research, innovative and social projects will resume its work. This is a unique platform for the implementation of your own ideas, projects, experimental and fundamental research, industrial and business startups. Upon the results of the expert examination, projects that will further receive funding from RTU MIREA will be selected.

We live in a world where new technologies become obsolete in 2 to 3 years, and many students fear that the knowledge gained at the University will quickly turn to be out of date. Moreover, just a narrow specialization in high technologies is not in demand in the modern economy. To solve these problems, RTU MIREA is implementing a large-scale program to create mega-laboratories. Universal modern  fully equipped platforms for training and research activities in the most advanced technological areas are ready for you.

The community of colleagues, friends and like-minded people exists not only within the walls of our University, but also in virtual space. We communicate and exchange news and our success stories on various information resources. Specifically, they may be found on the website, in the official groups of RTU MIREA on VKontakte and on Facebook, on accounts in Instagram and Twitter. Video reports on important past events, student television #Vkurse and online events, including direct lines with the University administration, are also available on the YouTube channel.

Happy Knowledge Day, dear friends, and hearty welcome to RTU MIREA! Great mood in the new academic year, exciting and fruitful work, creative achievements, success and personal well-being! Best of luck, dear friends! Best of luck!

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