With the support of Rostec, an advanced engineering school was organized on the basis of RTU MIREA


Nikolai Volobuev, Deputy General Director of the Rostec State Corporation, chaired the first meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Advanced Engineering School of Microwave Electronics. The Advanced Engineering School for Microwave Electronics was created on the basis of MIREA - Russian Technological University (RTU MIREA) within the Advanced Engineering Schools federal project with the support of the Rostec State Corporation. The project is aimed at forming a national competence center engaged in training engineers of a new formation, as well as conducting scientific research to achieve technological sovereignty of the Russian Federation in the field of radio engineering and electronics. “The Rostec State Corporation has already extensive experience in implementing advanced engineering schools projects in partnership with leading universities. From the experience of other advanced engineering schools, we learned the main thing: there is no need to be afraid to ask questions to which the industry does not yet know the answers; it is important to actively use knowledge from different industries with the participation of other leading universities. Reforming educational programs, creating and introducing new ones in the education system should be based on critical engineering competencies, including interdisciplinary ones, with the account of modern technological development. Microwave electronics technologies are considered critical: they significantly affect the design and technical characteristics of radio-electronic devices. The production of radar, radio navigation and radio communications equipment in the civil and military spheres of the space, aviation, medical, and telecommunications industries depends on them. Advanced engineering schools in microwave electronics projects can strengthen scientific schools in radiophysics, electrodynamics, mathematical modeling, computer-aided design and technological processes for manufacturing microwave products,” noted Nikolai Volobuev.

The training of future engineers at the Advanced Engineering School of Microwave Electronics is carried out with the participation of specialized industrial partners from the radioelectronics industry. Students' training is based on individual programs, with the account of the specifics of their work in research projects.

Stanislav Kudzh, Rector of RTU MIREA, spoke about the necessary competencies an advanced engineering school graduate should have. According to him, the set of competencies is formed with the account of the needs of the industrial partner and, in addition to professional ones, includes the knowledge in project management in accordance with the subject areas of the advanced engineering schools of microwave electronics.

The Rector RTU MIREA named the construction of new educational sites, equipped according to the requests of partner enterprises, as one of the priority areas for the development of an advanced engineering school of microwave electronics. In particular, in 2024-2025 it is planned to put into operation a new building on the Moscow campus of the University, where laboratories for microwave components will be opened, created in accordance with the tasks of the Rostec State Corporation.

In turn, Alexander Borisov, general designer of Research and Production Enterprise Istok named after A.I. Shokin (Ruselectronics holding), spoke about a new educational space on the territory of the Moscow region, in the science city of Fryazino - the “Istok - RTU MIREA” Technopark. The training of future specialists here will be carried out starting from school through project activities according to programs developed by the University together with partner enterprises. It is planned this year to put it into operation as a key innovation site for the Advanced Engineering School of Microwave Electronics.

Yulia Tsvetkova, Director of Personnel Management of the Rostec State Corporation, and Vera Rogova, Deputy First Vice-Rector of RTU MIREA, upheld the idea of end-to-end training of personnel, making the proposal to involve schoolchildren in the activities of the Advanced Engineering School of Microwave Electronics, including within the engineering Rostec Classes. As the first steps, the meeting participants approved the need to synchronize the activities of the Rostec Classes, Rostec Code projects and those of the Advanced Engineering School of Microwave Electronics, as well as the use in working with schoolchildren of common approaches tested within the framework of the Rostec Classes and the Altair Children's Technopark of RTU MIREA. In addition, the participants decided to approach the Ministry of Education of the Moscow Region with the proposal to launch in the region the Rostec Classes project starting from 2024, and to identify schools in the science city of Fryazino as pilot projects. Also, members of the Supervisory Board approved the initiative to invite Rosatom State Corporation and the Almaz-Antey East Kazakhstan Concern to join the general concept of end-to-end personnel training

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