Words of Greetings from the Rector of RTU MIREA on May 1


Dear students, professors, lecturers and instructors of the University, dear employees! I congratulate you on a wonderful holiday – the Day of Spring and Labor!

May 1 is a day that historically symbolizes true respect for work. I sincerely thank the scientists, faculty, employees of RTU MIREA for their daily well-coordinated work for the benefit of the development of our University.

I express special gratitude for the hard work and devotion to the University to our esteemed veterans, those who gave the University decades of painstaking work. Not only do you instill in the younger generation fundamental professional skills, but also teach them universal human moral and ethical values. You also set a worthy example of diligence to young professionals working at RTU MIREA, and we also have a lot of such young people.

Many students start their professional careers at RTU MIREA as assistant professors of the University departments, employees of the Altair Children's Technopark and the Admissions Committee, managers of the Student Office, they also work in other positions. For its part, RTU MIREA is doing its best to create all the opportunities for the students and the faculty to successfully combine work and study, to educate young professionals and ensure their employment at the University itself.

May 1 is not only a day of labor, but also a day of spring, which we look forward to every year. Therefore, I wholeheartedly wish you not only new achievements in your work, but also a sunny spring mood, fresh ideas, new energy to achieve all your goals!

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