Congratulations from the Rector of RTU MIREA on Constitution Day


Dear students, professors, lecturers and trainers, employees of the University!

Congratulations on Constitution Day!

This is one of the most significant public holidays in Russia, since the Constitution is the foundation of the legal system of our country. It reflects all the experience and achievements accumulated over many years of history and determines the strategy for the further development of our Motherland.

Under the Constitution, everyone can make a worthy contribution to the dynamic development of the region and the country as a whole. We must rationally use natural resources, develop an innovative economy, and strengthen the institutions of civil society. In particular, the Constitution is aimed at creating promising directions in education, and RTU MIREA is actively working in this area.

Value highly your rights and responsibilities guaranteed by the Constitution! Let your interest in the history and cultural heritage of our country grow! I wish you good health, happiness, optimism, success in all your good endeavors!

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