RTU MIREA, together with the State Duma Committee on Ecology and the Compass Foundation, launched the “Arctic Team” student expeditionary corps


The “Arctic Team” student expedition corps, a unique for Russia inter-university project based on RTU MIREA, will allow students to conduct scientific research in the conditions of the Far North while still at the University. This will bring to a qualitatively new level the system of selection and training of personnel for Russian companies operating in the Arctic Circle.

The development of investment, research and infrastructure projects in the Arctic is one of the most important goals set by Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Another task that requires effective action is the implementation of priority investment projects. The further development of the Arctic regions and the well-being of their residents, the preservation and creation of jobs here, and the fulfillment of Russia’s obligations to responsible business partners largely depend on them,” the head of state emphasized at a meeting on the development of the Arctic zone in 2022.

In order to concentrate efforts in this direction, the State Duma Committee on Ecology, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection and the Compass Foundation, together with other public environmental organizations, teamed up to create the “Arctic Team” student expeditionary corps. The selection of RTU MIREA as a reference university for the project on March 14 was supported by Dmitry Kobylkin, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Ecology, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection at a meeting with the students who initiated this project.

“The Arctic is my home: a quarter of my life has been spent in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. I know the problems and aspirations of this territory well. 25 percent of the world's undiscovered reserves are located in the Arctic zone. The future development of our country depends on it. One job in the Arctic creates 14 jobs in Russia. The development of the northern sea route is our main prospect. I am very pleased that we, together with RTU MIREA and the Compass Foundation, are launching the “Arctic Team” student expeditionary corps. I am convinced – I just see and feel your caring hearts – that we will succeed,” Dmitry Kobylkin said.

The work of the corps involves networking in the scientific field in the Arctic and Antarctic. Students of RTU MIREA and partner universities conducting research in this direction will have the opportunity to carry out the necessary work directly in the Far North. This will create additional work opportunities for biochemists, physicists, engineers, radio and roboticists in terms of technologies and developments that are in demand in the Far North. It also enables students to understand what life is like in the Arctic and, based on their experience, make a decision about further work in these difficult conditions.

“The Arctic region is of strategic importance for Russia, which has been repeatedly emphasized by the leadership of our country, which also includes the significance of resources, infrastructure prospects and national security. At the same time, it is difficult to deny that the harsh conditions of the North are a serious stopping factor for many specialists who could potentially live there and contribute to the development of the economy. The creation of the interuniversity student “Arctic Team” expeditionary corps opens up completely new opportunities in this regard for hundreds and thousands of people who are ready to connect their lives with the Arctic,” rector of RTU MIREA Stanislav Kudzh said.

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