Students of the Institute of Management Technologies attended a lecture on artificial intelligence as part of the exhibition-forum “Russia”


In order to demonstrate the most important achievements of Russia in various sectors of the economy, the International Exhibition and Forum “Russia” is currently being held on the territory of VDNKh in Moscow. The exhibition serves as a platform for the largest educational, business, cultural and entertainment events in the country.

The Russian “Knowledge” Society is the general partner of the educational program of the exhibition, which plans a series of weekly public educational lectures within the framework of the Russian Ministry of Education project “Talks about the Important”, aimed at reaching a wide range of people.

On November 15, students of the Institute of Management Technologies visited the exhibition and attended a lecture by the invited guest, entrepreneur Igor Ashmanov, specializing in the field of information technology and artificial intelligence, on the topic “The future is intelligence: neural networks vs humans.”

The following issues were raised at the lecture:

What is there in common between artificial intelligence and humans?

Can neural networks outperform humans?

What role will artificial intelligence play in business, society and government?

The participants discussed how life was changing in the digital era, new market opportunities and legal issues in the use of neural networks.

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