Valery Falkov, Head of the Ministry of Education and Science, congratulates students on Russian Student Day


Dear friends!

Congratulations on Russian Student Day!

Tatyana's Day in our country has always been celebrated wholeheartedly and on a grand scale. This fun and noisy holiday reminds us of the age-long traditions of student fraternity and instills energy into young people for the whole year.

Student life is a wonderful time. A time when all roads are open. Everything that is being done today in terms of the development of higher education is ultimately done for you. The process of improving the national higher education system has started successfully. Advanced engineering schools and youth laboratories are being created throughout the country, programs to support youth startups and creative competitions are being developed.

We are truly proud of our students who have already achieved success, young scientists and participants in a special military operation, technological entrepreneurs and talented cultural figures.

The students are our vanguard. Thanks to its students, Russia will always remain young, courageous and forward-looking. It is a real land of opportunity for which there are no barriers.

Remember this and spare no effort to learn! Learn to be friends, learn to love, learn to follow your calling. Learn the best from the best, be truly insatiable for knowledge – and you will certainly draw your lucky ticket in life!

Happy holiday, dear friends!

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