Sections in foreign languages were held at the Institute of Management Technologies


At the Department of Foreign Languages of the Institute of Management Technologies (IMT), within the framework of the IV Scientific and Technical Conference of Students and Postgraduates of MIREA – Russian Technological University, three sections worked for three days formed in accordance with students' applications for participation:

  • Language studies on the way to professional competence
  • Language interaction: terminological aspect
  • Foreign languages and modern terminology

Despite the very stressful pre-examination time, the students showed great interest in this event and were happy to share the results of their research on various linguistic and professional aspects related to foreign languages.

34 students of IMT, IISSIE and IFT took part in the conference. The sessions were moderated by Natalya Ivanovna Eryomkina, Chairperson of the sections, Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages​​, Yuri Olegovich Vrublevsky, Secretary of the sections, Senior Assistant Professor. The jury consisted of lecturers of the Department of Foreign Languages who evaluated the performances of the conference participants in conformity with  five positions. Upon the results of the work of each section, the winners were selected. It was very difficult for the jury to make a choice, since all the projects were adequately performed and presented.

Top places were taken by the participants listed below:

  • In the Language studies on the way to professional competence section – Ilya Sergeevich Moskalev (BISO-02-19), Egor Andreevich Puchkov and Maria Alexandrovna Ivleva (BBSO-03-19), Stepan Andreevich Gromin (TLBO-02-19), Andrey Alekseevich Kurzaev and Maxim Valerievich Shilin (BASO-03-19), Nikita Sergeevich Dvoretsky (BFBO-02-20), Ilya Konstantinovich Cherdantsev (BASO-02-20)
  • In the Language interaction: terminological aspect section – Dmitry Grigorievich Piksin (BOSO-01-19), Anastasia Olegovna Karyakina (BISO-01-20), Arseny Ivanovich Lobanov (TOBO-01-19), Andrey Vitalievich Melentiev (UYUBO-02-19)
  • In the Foreign languages and modern technologies section – Egor Yuryevich Gulyav (BSBO-09-19), Vadim Vladimirovich Gorbatov (BISO-01-20), Nikita Alexandrovich Mitrofanov (BESO-01-20), Irina Andreevna Sokolova (UPBO-01-19)

We congratulate the winners and wish them further success in their studies and research!

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