Certificates of completion of the Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things tracks of the Samsung IT Academy were awarded at RTU MIREA


Within the framework of the Samsung IT Academy project, the Institute of Information Technologies is organizing training for students on the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Development tracks. On December 7, certificates of completion of training on the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence tracks were awarded to the participants in the event.

Seven first-year undergraduates successfully mastered the Artificial Intelligence course as part of the program of additional free "elite" training.

The Internet of Things course being part of an elective, common to all IIT profiles, has been successfully completed by 26 senior undergraduate students.

Upon the results of the final contest of the fourth annual interuniversity competition of projects for graduates of Samsung IT Academy educational programs, Murad Dusov's project on the Internet of Things track became winner in the Viewers' Choice nomination.

The certificates of completion of the courses were awarded in the presence of a small number of guests invited to the event; the current safety and health protection measures were accounted for.

35 Russian universities are participating in the Samsung IT Academy project. RTU MIREA is the only university in Moscow and one of the eight in Russia that provides training for students on all the three tracks of the Samsung IT Academy project: the Internet of Things, the Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Development, as well as training students on the Mobile Development track on the basis of the RTU MIREA Altair Children's Technopark.

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