MIREA – Russian Technological University (RTU MIREA) and Skillbox have opened the Center for accelerated training of information technologies specialists


MIREA – Russian Technological University has signed a cooperation agreement with one of the leaders of the EdTech market – the Skillbox educational platform. The main goal of the agreement is to train highly specialized personnel for the development of the country’s digital economy.

The document was signed in the course of the visit to the University of Dmitry Krutov, Skillbox CEO. The meeting was attended by Stanislav Kudzh, Rector of RTU MIREA and Vladimir Pankov, Advisor on educational and methodological work.

In the near future, RTU MIREA and Skillbox plan to develop and implement joint higher education programs, create necessary conditions for mixed learning formats (online and offline), enhance theoretical and practical knowledge of future specialists, and hold joint scientific and practical conferences and  other events.

“The need to organize effective work of the educational system in a complicated epidemiological situation has increased manifold the relevance of online education technologies and related issues. The digital transformation of the economy, society, business and government structures calls for new standards set for the higher education system, for the training levels and competencies of all specialists both in information and digital technologies, and in other areas directly unrelated to them.

RTU MIREA is undoubtedly most interested in the exchange of experience in organizing training and in providing additional opportunities for professional development of students together with the leader in domestic online education – Skillbox LLC that was also organized and currently managed by a graduate of our University. The  enhancing combination of our experience and mobility, material and human resources, innovation and traditions opens up new opportunities for solving a fundamental problem – training personnel for the digital economy of the Russian Federation,” – said Stanislav Kudzh, Rector of RTU MIREA.

“It was very pleasant for me, 12 years after graduation, to be at the University and see that it is completely different. The University has become a place where every student can get to know advanced digital technologies. State-of-the-art equipment is something that truly delights. But the University does not stop at the development of the material and technical base and strives to create new educational formats and qualitatively change the learning process, this is partly due to the openness of the new administration to collaboration with private educational companies. This is what creates possibilities for the future form of blended education. The collaboration between Skillbox and RTU MIREA will concentrate on the creation of new, most advanced training programs.

We would like to bring more interesting business cases in the framework of cooperation. This will help to establish interaction between the University and the real sector of the economy. For example, we plan to reward talented and successful RTU MIREA students providing our programs to them. New research opportunities will open up for Skillbox students: the implementation of graduation projects as part of the University research work. It is important that we plan to hold joint research and practical conferences, seminars and workshops, and prepare academic publications. Thus, the collaboration will contribute to the convergence of practice-oriented and scientific and technical education”, – says Dmitry Krutov, CEO of Skillbox.

Skillbox is one of the leading companies in the Russian online education market; it is the largest educational platform that teaches modern professions that are highly in demand. On the part of the University, interaction will be implemented on the basis of the Center for accelerated training of specialists in information technology.

During the visit, a tour was organized to the educational and research departments of RTU MIREA, including the mega-laboratories of the Institute of Cybernetics, the Institute of Information Technologies, the Institute of Radio Engineering and Telecommunication Systems, the Situation Center of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia.

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