The RTU MIREA students won the bronze medals in the programming contest

On April 26, Rucode, the All-Russian online programming championship was held for the University teams from different countries. It was attended by 770 teams from 65 regions of Russia and 58 countries. In total more than 2000 people participated in the event.
Sortirovka walrusom, the team from RTU MIREA (with Valery Gavriliev, Andrey Smirnov, Artemy Matchin) won the bronze medals in the C/D division. The students solved eight problems, with two of which they coped in the last hour of the competition.

The second RTU MIREA team – This name already exists (with Daniil Avtushko, Anatoly Ignatiev, Victor Volkov), – unfortunately, failed to get into the medal ranking, although the team was about to reach the medal zone with six solved problems during the championship.
The championship was the final part of the Rucode festival of the same name, which was held by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with the assistance of universities in ten regions of Russia, as well as MegaFon, Yandex and the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation with the support of the PhysTech Schools Development Fund, and with the grant received from the President of Russia provided by the Presidential Grants Fund.

The competitions were held in two divisions: A/B – for the older age group and C/D – for the younger. The teams of both divisions had to solve 10 problems within 5 hours. According to the results of the competitions, four teams were awarded in each medal ranking.

Congratulations to our students, and Dmitry Kozyrev and Evgeny Kichak, coaches of the RTU MIREA sports programming team!

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