The students and the teaching staff representatives of the Institute of Integrated Safety and Special Instrument Engineering attended the International Positive Hack Days forum


From May 20-21, 2 to 5-year students of the Institute of Integrated Safety and Special Instrument Engineering, specialty 10.05.05 – Security of information technologies in the law enforcement sphere, and 09.03.02 – Information systems and technologies, – together with I.V. Sadykov and I.A. Litvyn, lecturers of the KB-4 Department – Intelligent information security systems, attended the 10th Jubilee Positive Hack Days International Forum on practical security.

At the forum, Omar Ganiev, senior lecturer of the KB-4 Department, made two presentations. The topics were: “How to avoid rog pull audit of crypto protocols for risk assessment” and “Experience of AI applications pen-testing”.

At the exhibition, the students attended informative conferences where representatives of various IT companies raised topical issues of information security:
  1. Innovations relating to hacking information systems and practical security methods
  2. Approaches to information security in the era of the Internet of things
  3. Protection of critical infrastructure
  4. Organization of physical security of information resources
  5. Anti-fraud and cybercrime
  6. Identification and investigation of information security incidents

The lecturers and students participated in competitions organized by Positive technologies where they tested their knowledge in the following areas:

  1. Programming in Python
  2. Logic problems
  3. Web security
  4. Network security

For the successful completion of all stages, students won a complete set of souvenirs.

Later the students who took part in the forum shared their impressions.

“It was very cool, we attended interesting lectures, watched the war for the city of the red and the blue. We examined each stand, got acquainted with the representatives of the companies, and received many gifts. We took part in intellectual games, even won prizes,” said Anna Godunova.

“For two days, there were lectures and presentations from Positive Technologies, Kaspersky, which caught my attention the most. I enjoyed this forum immensely, I cannot even fully describe my emotions. I feel that now I am really motivated to work in the field of information security in large companies. I really hope to get to such an event again in future!”, Tatiana Ali-Zade shared her impressions with us.

“When I came to Positive Hack Days, I was pleasantly surprised by the organization and the scale of the forum. I was surrounded by dozens of people of different ages, a great lot of stands and displays, I met representatives of major Russian companies. I was greatly impressed by the demonstration of a new product developed by Positive Technologies – maxPatrol O2. Specialists in development, information security, security testing demonstrated how a hacker works and how it is possible to reduce risks,” said Roman Kozlov.

Igor Azorkin also gave a detailed review of what he saw: “It was incredibly interesting to watch what was happening at the event – from the presentations of the key-note speakers with their powerful and exciting information to puzzles with prizes of candy. And I also had a chance to use a simulator during a break between performances.

The Standoff opening seemed to be out of this world performance: video, illumination, surround sound. It sparkles energy into you. And as a person who is not very knowledgeable of the intricacies of information security, pen-testing, and actually anything demonstrated there, I was really inspired to move forward.

PHDays 2021 clearly showed that there is much to strive for, there is room for improvement! And, most importantly, you are not alone on the way!”

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