The works discussed at the regular seminar under the guidance of A.S. Sigov were approved for defense


On March 24, a regular meeting of the FCC academic workshop was held under the guidance of A.S. Sigov in the format of a Zoom conference.

The presentations of the authors listed below were discussed:

1. D.O. Ignatieva (Lomonosov Moscow State University):
"Magnetophotonic nanostructures with optical resonance of surface and waveguide modes" (based on the materials of the doctoral dissertation, physical and mathematical sciences. Specialty: 01.04.07. "Condensed-matter physics". Scientific adviser – V.I. Belotelov).

2. M.A. Kozhaev (GPI RAS):
"Generation of spin waves by ultrashort laser pulses in dielectric magnetic materials" (based on the materials of Ph.D. thesis, physical and mathematical sciences. Specialty: 01.04.07 "Physics of condensed matter". Supervisor – V.I. Belotelov, consultant – A.K. Zvezdin ).

3. M.V. Kuliev (RPP "Pulsar")
"Long-term stability of microwave generators on gallium nitride transistors for electronic equipment for space purposes" (based on the materials of Ph.D. thesis, technical sciences. Specialty: 05.27.01 "Solid-state electronics, radio electronic components, micro- and nanoelectronics, devices based on quantum effects". Supervisor – V.M. Minnebaev).

Professors of the Department of Nanoelectronics of the Institute of Physics and Technology Yu.K. Fetisov, E. D. Mishina, M.S. Blanter, A.N. Yurasov, associate professors I.V. Gladyshev and N.E. Sherstyuk, as well as young lecturers and graduate students of the department were actively engaged in the conference. The participants decided to approve all the three works and recommend them for defense.

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