University students participate in Pharmtechtutor project on obtaining practical skills on profile specialties

2 December 2016
The students of Fine Chemical Technologies Institute of Moscow Technological University took part in the Pharmtechtutor project which purpose was to obtain practical skills on profile specialties. The project was realized within the 18th International Equipment, Raw Materials and Technologies for Pharmaceutical Production Exhibition "Pharmtech & Ingredients 2016", going on from November 22 to November 25. Our students S. V. Belyakov, I. S. Ivanov, E. A. Harchenko, M. A. Kazmina and A. G. Kopeleva received the registered certificates and memorable souvenirs from the companies tutors.

At the exhibition "Pharmtech & Ingredients 2016" there were stands of world leaders in the field of pharmaceutical production and technologies. Within a week the students, who underwent professional selection, represented producers’ products, communicated with visitors and foreign guests. The conditions of cooperation and further interaction of the companies were discussed with their participation, which resulted in signing of several large contracts.