Altair Children's Technopark

Information about the technopark

Altair Children's Technopark is a unique project created by MIREA – Russian Technological University with the support of the Government of Moscow. At the site of the children's technopark, schoolchildren can take part in career guidance programs, familiarize themselves with the operation of high-tech equipment and master additional education programs developed by the university staff with the participation of industrial partners of the children's technopark.

The goals of Altair Children's Technopark of RTU MIREA:

Early career guidance for schoolchildren: all conditions have been created on the site for students to get immersed in practical activity while studying the fundamentals of modern engineering and technical specialties (profile areas of RTU MIREA).

Providing additional learning opportunities for the most motivated applicants interested in the industry.

Creating opportunities for schoolchildren to meet potential employers and present their projects to them.

Advantages of Altair Children's Technopark of RTU MIREA:

Unique areas and programs developed by the university staff together with the industrial partners of the children's technopark.

All programs of Altair Children's Technopark are available to everyone and are offered FREE OF CHARGE! Classes are mainly focused on students in grades 8-11.

A unique model of training developed jointly with the partner enterprises when a student can take a course from a company, solve a practical problem and demonstrate the acquired knowledge and skills to a potential employer.


Altair Children's Technopark has a modern infrastructure: it is located on the premises of MIREA – Russian Technological University in a separate building with an area of more than 3.5 thousand square meters. Laboratories are equipped with modern and expensive equipment - some units are designed specifically for the children's technopark or imported into Russia in a single copy. All equipment is as safe and reliable as possible to be used for classes with schoolchildren.

Industrial partners

Altair Children's Technopark of RTU MIREA implements a unique training model together with the University’s industrial partners – Samsung, Yandex, VK, Rostelecom Solar, Oracle, Ruselectronics, National Instruments, Rohde & Schwarz, Ascon, Eremex, Generium, Dow Chemical and others.

For students, this opens up opportunities to participate in:

• Popular science lectures, master classes by industrial partners (including meetings with CEOs of the companies)

• Excursions to enterprises, most of which are available only for students and graduates of the Children's Technopark

• Programs developed jointly with the partner enterprises

Programs of the children's technopark

Each program in Altair Children's Technopark of RTU MIREA is associated with the corresponding higher education program and allows future students to learn the basics of their future profession already at school age.

Students are offered two types of programs:

Long-term educational programs (the minimum of 36 academic hours).
Training is designed for motivated students who are ready to master programs of an increased level of complexity in an intensive mode, profoundly study the specifics of university programs, develop competencies and skills that are in demand in the academic environment and in the labor market. Recruitment for training under long-term programs of project activities is in September. For admission to a number of programs, it is necessary to pass a preliminary selection stage and confirm a certain level of knowledge. The transition to the advanced level is based on the successful completion of the basic level program.


  • The student’s own project or research work for further presentation at international and city competitions, conferences, olympiads
  • The defense of a practical case, a qualifying exam to pass or attestation with a certificate from the industrial partners of the children's technopark
  • An opportunity for an internship or benefits in the selection for targeted training programs (deferred employment contract)

Short-term programs
In the form of popular science lectures, master classes, excursions, meetings with representatives of industrial partners. To participate in the program, no additional selection is required,  only the registration is needed.

The result to be achieved:

  • Primary acquaintance of schoolchildren with Altair Children's Technopark of RTU MIREA
  • Getting new knowledge and skills at any time: classes are held throughout the year
  • Programs allow to identify the interests of schoolchildren in a particular area at an early stage

Students’ results and achievements

Students of Altair Children's Technopark of RTU MIREA demonstrate high results in the process of study. During the first year of work, more than 500 graduates reached the finals of all-Russian and city design conferences and competitions with projects completed under the guidance of trainers and instructors of the children's technopark. About 150 of them eventually won various prizes. Several graduates of the children's technopark with their projects joined the Russian national team and presented their projects at international competitions.