General information

For the purpose of physical education and sports, the University has a modern sports complex (campus at 78 Vernadsky Avenue) with indoor tennis courts, volleyball, basketball, aerobics halls and the Sports Palace (campus on Stromynka Street) with a swimming pool, gym and wrestling halls, a universal hall for team sports and a sports complex on the campus at 86 Vernadsky Avenue.

Physical education classes

Physical education classes as a part of the implementation of the basic educational programs of higher education are conducted on the basis of the Department of Physical Education:

  • on campus at 78 Vernadsky Avenue;

  • on the campus on 20 Stromynka Street;

  • on campus at 86 Vernadsky Avenue.

Classes are given by experienced highly qualified trainers in physical education and sports

Sports work

In the extracurricular time there are sports clubs at the University in which students who have achieved certain results in their sport are engaged. Classes are held in a variety of sports, such as volleyball, basketball, football, table tennis, badminton, karate, boxing.

The University annually hosts the traditional Spartakiad in various sports. The team of the University participates in the annual student sports games among Moscow universities:

  • sports clubs on campus at 78 Vernadsky Avenue;

  • sports clubs on campus on Stromynka street;

  • sports clubs on campus at 86 Vernadsky Avenue.

The University conducts health improvement work among students: 

  • educational and sports health campus on the Oka