Career opportunities

Alumni of the Institute of Information Technologies work in such highly demanded professions as programmer, system administrator, business analyst, tester, system architect, information security specialist, database administrator and many others.

IT specialists from RTU MIREA are rated by HeadHunter to be among the top five groups of Moscow university alumni enjoying employers’ preference. The HeadHunter rating list is based primarily on employer demand, with the top places taken by those universities where the most successful specialists are trained. Young men and women from these universities are more often interviewed for jobs than others, they are offered higher salaries, and they find a job faster in accordance with their specialty. Our alumni are among the best in their field.

At the Institute of Information Technologies one can acquire one of the most promising IT professions, that of Data Science. In the course of their training, students explore mathematical models, they learn to analyze data, to search for hidden patterns, and to solve business problems, mastering the specialist tools of machine learning, Data Mining, modern modeling and forecasting techniques. This became possible after an agreement was signed with Forsythe, the developer of the Russian analytical complex Prognoz Platform, with Analytical Systems, the developer of the Russian analytical platform Loginom, and with CAC Institute.

Having graduated from the Institute of Information Technologies, one can become a specialist in an advanced IT field, the Internet of Things. In October 2017, the Samsung IoT Academy was launched, so now students scrutinize real-life cases from the IoT industry, along with the industry standards and equipment, and carry out practical design projects. As the Internet of Things opens up the broadest opportunities, each of the alumni can find where to apply their knowledge and skills, whether by developing technical and architectural solutions, programming IoT devices and systems, or working on actual hardware.


The average salary of alumni with an IT major is 60,000 rubles per month. After working a year or two, a hard-working and proficient IT specialist can expect to earn as much as 200,000 rubles per month on the average, according to the portal

Employment prospects

According to and Group, the most promising IT segments are mobile technologies, software development (as a whole), cloud technologies, and data management. It is predicted that virtual reality architect is going to become one of the typical future professions in the IT sphere. One can already become a specialist in this area as, among other things, the Institute of Information Technologies specializes in virtual and augmented reality development technologies.