Catalytic and Mass Exchange Processes center

The training and research center entitled “Catalytic and Mass Exchange Processes” operates on the premises of the Lomonosov Institute of Fine Chemical Technologies. It encompasses the Departments of Physical Chemistry, General Chemical Technology, Chemistry, and Basic Organic Synthesis Technology. These departments have extensive experience in training and research in the field of catalytic processes and systems, and energy-efficient reaction mixture separation processes.

The Center has state-of-the-art equipment and instruments designed to explore and develop techniques to obtain various chemical products.

The Center’s equipment includes:

- all-purpose flow-circulation units equipped with all features required for testing and studying catalysts within a wide range of temperatures and pressures;

- modern analytical instruments: gas chromatographs, chromatography-mass spectrometers for various purposes;

- benches for experimental study of mass exhcange processes (rectification, liquid extraction, absorption).

The Center takes to a new level the quality of academic instruction and practical training of undergraduate and graduate students who can acquire new engineering competencies and research skills.

The Center’s facilities are also in demand among undergraduates and graduates majoring in chemistry and chemical technology.