Department of Physical Education

Alexander Nikolaevich Safonov
Alexander Nikolaevich Safonov
The Head of the Department of Physical Education
Master of sports of Russia in swimming, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences.
Address Campus 1: 119454, Moscow, 78 Vernadsky Avenue, Health and fitness center
Phone: +7 499 215-65-65 ext. 6200, IP: 6200

Address Campus 2: 119571, Moscow, Vernadsky Avenue, 86, 409, Health and fitness center

Address Campus 3: 117076, Moscow, Stromynka street, 20, 204, Health and fitness center 
Phone: +7 499 681-33-56 ext. 2126, IP: 2126
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12:00 pm -1:00 pm

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2:00 pm -4:00 pm

Reception hours
Tue, Thu:

12:00 pm -1:00 pm

The main functions of the department:

Ensuring of the quality of highly qualified personnel training, the formation of a healthy lifestyle, as well as the development of mass physical culture, health and sports work among students and employees of the University.

Experienced highly qualified trainers in the field of physical culture and sports work at the Department of Physical Education. Two trainers of the department have the sporting title of International Master of Sports of Russia, 14 - Master of Sports of Russia. Training sessions for students admitted to physical education for medical reasons are held on specially equipped sports grounds, equipped with simulators and the necessary sports equipment. For students with medical contraindications for physical education, electronic distance learning is organized. The Department of Physical Education takes an active part in the sports life of the University. The trainers of the department lead the united teams of the University in various kinds of sports, organize mass sports, physical education and health events at the University.

Classes with students are held in the gyms of the sports and recreation complex on campuses:

Campus at 78, Vernadsky Avenue:

Universal hall (hall No. 44) - general physical training, volleyball, basketball, mini-football, badminton, table tennis;

Martial arts hall (hall №6) - general physical training, wrestling, aerobics, boxing;

Gym (hall No. 16, 17) - athletic gymnastics, powerlifting and arm wrestling;

Outdoor football stadium - OFP, football, mini-football.

Campus at 86, Vernadsky Avenue:

Universal hall - general physical training, volleyball, basketball, mini-football;

Martial arts hall - wrestling;

Gymnastics room - aerobics;

Gym - athletic gymnastics.

Campus at 20, Stromynka Street:

Universal hall - general physical training, volleyball, basketball, mini-football;

Gym - athletic gymnastics;

Swimming pool - swimming;

Martial arts hall - general physical training, crossfit, fitness;

General physical training hall - gymnastics - general physical training, fitness.

Table tennis hall - table tennis