Radio electronic Technologies Megalaboratory

The Institute of Radio Electronics and Informatics has created a universal research and technical center for the continuous development of radio electronic technologies - the Radio electronic technologies mega laboratory. This is a single complex of interconnected coordinated laboratories which are equipped with all the necessary equipment for practice-oriented teaching and research activity on modern advanced technologies and technologies of the future.

At the moment, the center has several laboratories:

1. The Laboratory for digital design and modeling of radio electronic equipment is equipped with high-performance workstations and professional systems for computer-aided design of electronic equipment at various design levels for "paperless" product design.

2. The Laboratory for the assembly and installation of radio-electronic means is equipped with devices for prototyping printed circuit boards for various purposes; digital files using subtractive or additive technologies are applied, assembly and assembly equipment for hot-air and infrared soldering of products is used, as well as a section for machining and prototyping of body products.

3. The Specialized laboratory of technological processes for the production of radio-electronic equipment has the tools and devices for automated climatic, mechanical, structural tests of radio-electronic means; optical three-dimensional and microimaging control; manual line surface mount.

4. The Laboratory for tuning and adjusting radio electronic equipment has the necessary radio measuring devices for tuning and adjusting the radio technical parameters of finished products, troubleshooting for the repair and maintenance of the equipment.

5. Laboratory for 3D prototyping and control of multilayer printed circuit boards is equipped with unique devices for printed electronics on a 3D printer of multilayer printed circuit boards, JTAG systems for boundary scanning of complex digital products, stands for monitoring the parameters of a passive electronic component base in miniature cases and probe stations, an in-circuit control system with flying probes for compliance with design documentation.

In the near future, it is planned to expand the Radio electronic Technologies Mega-laboratory by commissioning new laboratories:
  • radio wave processes and microwave modules
  • three-dimensional diagrams on plastics and flexible carriers
  • electromagnetic compatibility of radio electronic equipment
  • radio monitoring and telemetry
  • micro-assemblies and systems in the case
  • printed circuit boards and modules with electrical and optical connections