Career Opportunities

Students of the Institute of Physics and Technology major in physics, materials science, device and instrument development and design. On graduation, with the complex of knowledge and skills received, they become highly qualified professionals, i.e. research engineers, process engineers, design engineers, development engineers, service engineers, or manufacture engineers. Their career is typically associated with designing equipment and tooling as well as automation, mechanization and robotization systems. Many graduates of the Institute of Physics and Technology find employment as standardization, certification or quality management specialists.

All companies and enterprises that seek to assure quality for their products and to enter international markets, rely on standards. This is why standardization specialists are needed everywhere. Graduates of the Institute of Physics and Technology can get jobs with quality inspection authorities, test centers, industrial enterprises, metrology and standardization centers, and research institutions.

A large number of our alumni pursue careers which successfully combine their knowledge of computing technologies and materials working techniques with their creative talent. There are 3D designers, decorative product designers, structure designers, process planners, and metal, wood, ceramics and glass artists among them. Many holders of the Institute’s degree are in demand not only in the domestic market, but also abroad.


Alumni of the Institute of Physics and Technology can find jobs within a very broad spectrum of employment opportunities, from production and manufacture process development and planning to the design and engineering of specific devices. Therefore, depending on their specialization and the position held, their average monthly salary may vary between 50,000 and 200,000 rubles.

Employment Prospects

Most large industrial enterprises experience an acute shortage of engineers. According to the web portal, engineers rank second in the top most in-demand skills in 2020. In the near future, the demand for qualified engineers is expected to remain and grow, which means that graduates of the Institute of Physics and Technology are under no risk of unemployment