Motion Capture Laboratory

A motion capture laboratory has been deployed on the premises of the Information Technologies Institute, which allows recording the movements of actors, objects and mechanisms on an area of more than 40 square meters with a high positioning accuracy, following which they are recreated in digital character models and animated objects.

This technology is now widely used in:

  • the motion picture industry, to form video content by superimposing actors’ movements on virtual character models without any manual animation of three-dimensional patterns or direct filming of actual characters or objects;
  • sports, to help athletes develop muscular memory, reflexes and correct movements or make training plans and prepare for competitions;
  • medicine, to diagnose musculoskeletal disorders and to develop rehabilitation techniques;
  • martial arts, to practice techniques, to analyze them in detail, and to repeatedly reproduce them without a trainer’s involvement;
  • the video game industry, to ensure the full presence effect in a virtual environment with the most accurate possible visualization of body movements.

The laboratory is equipped with hardware by Vicon, the market leader in motion capture solutions. Five employees of the Information Technologies Institute have undergone training and certification by Vicon as specialists in the setup and operation of motion capture equipment, digital animation and Shogun software package application.

As of the start of 2020, RTU MIREA is the first and only university in Russia that operates a full-featured motion capture studio with professional Vicon equipment of the level needed to produce the most advanced modern movies and high-budget AAA-class games.