46.03.02 Document and archive science

The program is aimed to train specialists in documentation support of management and archiving. The area of ​​their activity includes the organization of processing, storage and use of documents.
The Bachelor degree holder in Document Science and Archival Science is an active participant in planning, organization and improvement of various activities. Specialists in document management are engaged in the rationalization of the company's internal document flow. They systematize information and manage paperwork and archiving. The graduate of the program has an opportunity to work in all divisions of state, municipal, commercial, public organizations and institutions, and in the management, documentation services in positions requiring higher education, which includes the position of the head of the office management, office manager and secretary-assistant to the head of the organization.
Level of education:
Bachelor's degree
Form of training:
Full-time (daytime)
Venue of training:
Entrance exams:
— Russian language
— Social science
— History
Programs, specializations:
Modern technologies of document management
Graduates of the Modern technologies of document management program have the knowledge and skills in working with the documents fund of organizations: making records of management information, rationalizing document flow, introducing and operating automated systems in document flow management and archiving, document processing technologies for the purpose of their preservation and transfer to storage, the processes of storage, acquisition, accounting and use of archival documents. Graduates are aware of the requirements to the organization of personnel records management and documentation of labor relations, the organization and functioning of archives of documents on personnel. Such knowledge and skills will allow graduates to organize the work of a management documentation service, an HR service or an organization's archive.
Alumni can be employed as
  • records management specialist
  • documentologist
  • human resources and civil service specialist
  • assistant manager
  • head of office
  • office manager
  • press secretary
  • archivist
Program subjects
  • Archival science
  • Documentation processes in delivery of public services
  • Document science
  • HR information systems and tools
  • Confidential records management
  • Document management standardization
  • Management documentation techniques
  • E-archives
Graduating department:
Document Science, History and Law Department