In the fall of 2021, Techno-coworking space was opened at RTU MIREA.

The idea of creating a Techno-coworking space originated in 2018. By this time, teams of students from the Institute of Artificial Intelligence and the Institute of Information Technologies won first places at hackathons at the all-Russian and international levels. It was decided to create a center that would have sufficient space and be equipped with modern devices and facilities for students’ scientific and technical creativity.

Techno-coworking facilities consist of:

  •  Lecture Hall;

  •  Briefing Center;

  •  Digital Prototyping Center;

  • Three computer classes.

All Techno-coworking premises are equipped with modern multimedia devices and facilities.

The Lecture Hall and Briefing Center, each with an area of about 150 square meters, perfectly suited for lectures, conferences, scientific and technical competitions, hackathons, Olympiads, and exhibitions.

At the Digital Prototyping Center, researchers and students can implement any idea and create designs prototypes for robotics, Internet of things and electronics devices.

The center is equipped with:

  • FDM 3D printers;

  • Photopolymer 3D printers;

  • SDL 3D printer;

  • 3D scanner;

  • Milling machine;

  • Laser cutter;

  • Automated embroidery machine.

The computer classes of Techno-coworking have modern high-performance computers compatible with operating systems on Linux, macOS and Windows 11 family. These classes allow the students to complete projects and the employees to conduct classes in computer science, development of mobile applications for iOS and Android, system administration, CAD, etc.

Techno-coworking of RTU MIREA is designed to perform the tasks listed below:

  • Implementing students’ research outside the curriculum;

  • A platform for holding events: scientific and technical competitions, hackathons, online broadcasts, conferences, etc.;

  • Conducting classes according to the main curriculum;

  • Conducting extra curriculum classes and courses on the cutting-edge high-performance equipment.