11.03.03 Design and technology of electronic equipment

Students who selected this program get training in research, design and production technology of radio-electronic, electronic-computing, microwave, nano-electronic, optoelectronic and laser devices. The program combines fundamental courses in physics and mathematics with practical training aimed at the design of modern electronic technology.
Level of education:
Bachelor’s degree
Form of training:
Full-time (day department)
Venue of training:
Entrance exams:
— Mathematics (major)
— Russian language
— Physics/Information science and ICT
Programs, specializations:
Computer-aided design of radio-electronic means
In the process of training, students are prepared for research, design, production and technological kinds of activities in the creation of modern radio-electronic devices and systems for various purposes used at enterprises of the radio-electronic industry. Training for the future profession presupposes knowledge of design by automated methods with the use of information and computer technologies with the application of mathematical modeling of physical processes which occur in circuits and radio-electronic equipment.
Alumni can be employed as
  • design engineer of radio electronic equipment
  • design engineer of computing and automated systems
  • electronic engineer
  • micro- and nanoelectronic engineer
  • radio engineer
  • circuit engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • systems engineer
  • design engineer of control systems for robotic complexes
  • process engineer
  • software engineer
  • software engineer for microcontrollers and FPGAs
  • maintenance engineer for radio electronic and computer equipment