12.03.01 Instrument making

This area of instruction focuses on training highly qualified specialists who are able to design, develop, research and operate intelligent security systems, analytical instruments and systems, automation and process monitoring systems. Students are trained to provide the necessary computations, to choose the right circuit design and electronic components, to build a three-dimensional model of the device designed, and to develop firmware.
Level of education:
Bachelor's degree
Form of training:
Full-time (daytime)
Venue of training:
Entrance exams:
— Mathematics (major)
— Russian language
— Physics/ Information science and ICT
Programs, specializations:
Analytical instrumentation and intelligent security systems
Analytical instruments are used in: forensic examinations; engineering process automation and monitoring systems; environment monitoring; medical research.
Intelligent security systems are used in on-board and ground equipment, and security systems for military and civilian facilities.
Alumni can be employed as
  • technological information engineer
  • measurement instrument engineer
  • research engineer (electronics developer)
  • circuit board design engineer
  • instrument design engineer
  • circuit designer
  • microcontroller programmer
  • field programmable logic device (FPLD) software engineer
Program subjects
  • Fundamentals of analytical research
  • Sensors and transducers in analytical instruments
  • Analytical instrument and security system engineering
  • Digital networks in security systems
  • Intelligent security systems
  • Computer tools of 3D design and engineering
  • Engineering computations automation
  • Transformation of measurement signals
  • Forensic tools and methods
  • Data measurement systems
  • Measurement instrument and security system interfaces
  • Virtual instrument development and application
  • Measurement instrument circuitry
  • Microprocessor-based measuring technology
  • Microprocessor modeling and debugging
  • Instrument and system software
Graduating department:
Department KB-6 “Instruments and Data Measurement Systems”