09.04.03 Applied informatics

The program provides in-depth training of professionals in data process implementation and development of information systems in applied fields on the basis of modern information and communication technologies and standards. It includes systems analysis, modeling and re-engineering of applied and informational processes; formulation of requirements to create and develop information systems; development and management of projects to automate and informatize applied processes, enterprises and organizations; designing and operating information systems in applied areas; assessing the feasibility of design solutions for information systems as well as applied and informational processes.
Level of education:
Master’s degree
Form of training:
Full-time (daytime)
Venue of training:
Entrance exams:
— Higher mathematics
Programs, specializations:
Corporate and distributed information systems
Students receive theoretical instruction and practical training in design, building, implementation and support of corporate information systems in applied fields; they learn to model and improve applied and informational processes.
The laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art computer, network, multimedia and office equipment intended for studies and independent work, along with one-off and scheduled research projects and developments. Special attention is paid to the best domestic and foreign practices based on Russian and international standards of modeling, design and development of business processes, data warehouses, and information system and software architecture. The program trains specialists who are capable of creating, implementing and maintaining professionally oriented information systems, including corporate, in applied areas.
Alumni can be employed as
  • IT project manager
  • product owner
  • software architect
  • IT division chief
Program subjects
  • Fundamental and applied information technologies
  • Corporate information systems
  • Distributed information systems
  • Systems and user support services
  • Design and development of databases and data warehouses
  • Methods and tools of managing organization-level data
  • Data processing methods
  • Software for corporate information systems
  • Design of corporate information systems
Graduating department:
Practical and Applied Informatics Department