Career opportunities

Graduates of Lomonosov Institute of Fine Chemical Technologies, can be employed as analytical chemists, process chemists, and research chemists. They have certain advantages over graduates of other specialized universities, since they are professionals who, on the one hand, have acquired fundamental knowledge in academic chemistry, and, on the other hand, can work as technologists, that is, their practical skills allow to apply this knowledge in practice.
Most graduates work in various laboratories in industrial production, scientific research centers of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and industry research institutes. Many devote their lives to pedagogical activity and train future chemists. Those with good communication skills are employed in sales. Graduates who studied chemical engineering at the Institute acquire such professions as chemical engineers, process engineers, chemical analysts, and research engineer
Our alumni know how to work with chemicals, chemical compounds that have feasible practical application, and are also frequently employed in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and defense industries. Today professionals in bioengineering, biotechnologists-researchers, specialists in product quality control, technologists of biopharmaceutical production are in great demand.
Alumni of the Technosphere Safety program are engaged as environmental engineers, environmental inspectors, labor protection engineers, water treatment and water purification specialists. They work to ensure safety of living space, deal with product certification, organization and management of environmental activities at enterprises.
Our alumni have broad opportunities working as experts, conducting supervisory, inspection, and audit activities. It is most significant that all alumni of Lomonosov Institute of Fine Chemical Technologies have profound understanding of chemistry, which means that they can choose a wide variety of professions in this area, work with chemical technology and biotechnology, which opens up broad opportunities for their employment.


The starting salary that alumni can count on after graduation is 45-50,000 rubles a month. Further, depending on the employee’s professional and career growth, his or her specialization, it can reach 100-120,000 rubles a month. The highest salaries are paid in foreign companies engaged in chemical production. Therefore, even while studying at the University, it is worthwhile indeed to pay due attention to learning a foreign language.

Employment prospects

The chemical industry has most promising prospects in the world; and there are a lot of programs relating to chemical industry aimed to train technologists, researchers, and chemical engineers. At the same time, the educational background of different programs alumni is actually the same. That is why when hiring professionals, employers pay particular attention to the level of the applicant’s general knowledge of chemistry. Those who find a job in this area will have quite satisfactory salaries and grants in addition: the government is ready to allocate money for the development of science and new inventions.