Mobile Robotics University Laboratory

The Mobile Robotics University Laboratory is designed to teach students the fundamentals of programming mobile robots using Robotic Operating System (ROS) tools.

The laboratory has 12 work stations equipped with everything necessary for programming and servicing mobile robots. The core of the laboratory's park consists of 30 JetBot robots additionally equipped with laser rangefinders, RealSense depth cameras and MarvelMind precision ultrasonic navigation systems.

For the convenience of the students and trainers, a testing area of more than 20 sq. m is located in the center of the laboratory, which allows work out all typical assignments, such as telecontrol, movement along the route avoiding obstacles, as well as group control algorithms, including those based on artificial intelligence.

Moreover, the testing area is equipped with the system of video cameras and projectors that allow the elements of augmented reality to be projected onto the surface where robots are moving.