Center for Cybersports Robotics

The Center for Cybersports Robotics is a modern platform that operates on the basis of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence.

The Center for Cybersports Robotics includes:

  • Laboratory of cybersports robotics;

  • Drone and software training space;

  • Referee’s chamber;

  • Video studio.

The importance of the development of unmanned aircraft today is an indisputable fact. That is why the Center for Cybersports Robotics was created on the basis of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of RTU MIREA. Its concept is based on three fundamental areas: Education, Sports, Creativity.

From the aspect of training, the laboratory is a universal training ground that allows to safely conduct studies and master classes on piloting multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles with a frame diagonal of up to 250 mm, as well as laboratory work on autonomous control of small-sized drones. Especially for the laboratory, the staff of RTU MIREA developed a system of modular obstacles that allows to prepare tracks for each lesson in the shortest possible time. The flight area of the laboratory is equipped with modern fire extinguishing equipment, a theatrical lighting system that allows simulating various flight conditions, as well as the video recording equipment for the training process. Moreover, the Center for Cybersports Robotics houses a spacious classroom where pre-flight preparation of aircraft, charging batteries, and viewing video replays allow to analyze mistakes.

From a sports perspective, the Center for Cybersports Robotics is a modern platform for training athletes and holding competitions of various levels in aircraft modeling sports, professional competencies related to the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles, such as the “I am a Professional” Olympiad and World Skills series tournaments. In February 2023, this site became the venue for the first competitions in aircraft modeling among Moscow schoolchildren with the participation of representatives of the Federation of Aircraft Modeling of Russia. To ensure high-quality refereeing, the site is equipped with an electronic time recording system that meets all the necessary regulations; Specialized video equipment has been installed to record violations of the rules. Apart from that, high-speed cameras and systems have been installed to ensure professional quality video broadcasting to a wide range of viewers on the Internet.

The opening of the Center for Cybersports Robotics contributes to the maximum involvement of RTU MIREA students in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles - an area that is becoming increasingly relevant today.